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North Fork ‘Star Student’ Focused On ‘Helping Wherever She Can’

North Fork ‘Star Student’ Focused On ‘Helping Wherever She Can’

By admin in Volunteer Spotlight on April 23, 2024

“She is making volunteering and helping others very cool.”

Patch Staff

CUTCHOGUE, NY _ Star Students are found in classrooms, on concert and theater stages and at debate lecterns, and out in the community doing good things to make life better for all of us.

Here at Patch, we’ve launched an initiative to help recognize Star Students, and we’re working to tell the stories of these outstanding kids to their neighbors.

This submission comes from Tonya Kaiser Witczak, who nominated Julianna of Cutchogue.

Star local student’s name


What grade is your star local student in?

8th grade

How do you know the star local student?

Why do you believe the star local student should be recognized?

Julianna has become the student contact for Kait’s Angels. Darla Doorhy knows she can contact Julianna, and she will rally her friends to help with whatever is going on. From plant sales, yard sales, Poker Runs and Wingo, if Kait’s Angels need extra hands, Julianna will get the kids in the Mattituck Junior Senior High School to help out. She is making volunteering and helping others very cool.

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about the star local student?

Julianna has found of love a getting friends together, volunteering. She is focused on helping wherever she can.

Congratulations on your achievements, and all of our best wishes to you in the future, Julianna!

Ashley Lanza

Ashley Lanza

By admin in Kaits Korner, Kaits-Korner on August 30, 2023

Kait was literally an angel on Earth. She had the most beautiful smile and contagious laugh. She lit up every single room she entered and had such a memorable glow. I was lucky enough to become close to Kait in such a short amount of time and when she chose me to be her big, I was truly shocked. Kait and I shared a bond like no other and when she chose me, I felt so special and so admired. Kait and I shared so many memories, laughs, secrets, and more that I will cherish forever. Not a single day goes by when I don’t think about her or miss her. I get signs from her constantly and know she is watching me and with me. She is my guardian angel.

A funny memory I will never forget is when we were at a frat house party together and I dropped my phone in the nasty toilet, and she didn’t hesitate to quickly help me get it out and dry it off with a disgusting towel we found and she kept it safe and secured in her bag for me since I did not have one with me that night. I also remember getting pedicures together for our KD formal and then going over to her suite and she curled my hair for me while we ate sushi and listened to music…I loved going to her suite and just hanging out and being with her. I also loved when she would drive me around in her super cool charger with the L BLONDE license plate – suited her perfectly.

I cannot wait until we are reunited, in a better place and can continue to create endless memories. But until then, I will continue to appreciate signs from her, think about her each and every day and pray/talk to her and seek her wisdom and guidance.  Kait Doorhy will forever remain my gorgeous little in both my cell phone and in my heart.

Xoxo, Ashley Lanza (her KD Big)

Halloween 2022

By admin in Halloween on January 9, 2023

On October 29, Windamere threw a fun HALLOWEEN PARTY benefiting Kait’s Angels with DJ Phil, a costume contest, tarot card readings, spooky drinks and ghoulish treats!⁠


Entry was free with a suggested donation. We are honored and proud of the $1460.00 that was raised at such a fun night.

Thank you to everyone who dressed in their fun costumes and a very special thank you to Jeff & Re Strong owners of Windamere for their generosity and Nicole Evers for her helping hand.

Becky’s Memories

Becky’s Memories

By admin in Kaits Korner, Kaits-Korner on January 5, 2023

My first memory of Kaitlyn was in elementary school, I think 3rd or 4th grade. Kait was standing up for another student who was being bullied on the playground. She was fierce and confident, even back then, and stood up for what she knew was right. It would be years until Kait and I became really close friends but I’ll always recall that first memory of her and how much it foreshadowed who she was going to be.

There are so many incredible memories I have with Kaitlyn. I’m so grateful for them. I don’t think I could pick just one to share so I’d like to share with the impact she has left with me.

Kait wasn’t just a friend. She was a role model to me and someone I really looked up to. She was a motivating person to be around. She was smart, hardworking, kind, stylish, funny. I attribute a lot of my own personal growth in high school to Kait. Through her own actions, she taught me how to be kind and helpful but also have a backbone and be confident in myself. She knew how to break me out of my shell when we were 15.

Kait and I did a lot of extra curriculars together. We liked thinking ahead to college and our careers. We did things like ROTC and DECA and made the most out of every moment. She knew how to take a mundane task and make it fun and worth our while. She was somewhat contagious in this way. She didn’t think twice about doing things that others would perceive as ‘uncool’. She was so much more mature than that. She saw the bigger picture. We worked together at Magic Fountain and then at aMano and A Lure. She was one of the only friends I had in high school who loved to work that much. Kait had goals, financial goals, and she knew what it took to get there. Kait never shied away from an obstacle or challenge. She looked it in the eyes and went after it. She was tenacious and dedicated.

Kait motivated me in so many ways and still continues to today. One way I keep Kait’s memory alive is by considering her outlook on life when making my own decisions. I’ve asked myself “What would Kait say to me?” many times over the years whether it was making a career decision after college or just getting myself out of a rut.

One thing that Kait’s passing has taught me is to take a real look at your friends, family, the people around you – the people who you are your most natural self around – and ask yourself what makes them remarkable. In what ways do you look up to them? In what ways does being around them make you a better person? We all have people like this. Friends, colleagues, etc. We can learn so much from the people we already know so much about. I’m so grateful to have had years of friendship and time with Kaitlyn. To have learned from her and to have these memories to hold onto forever.

Missing you always, Kait. Sending love to all.


Sawyer Butto

Sawyer Butto

By admin in Kaits Korner, Kaits-Korner on January 5, 2023

I was studying abroad in Australia. One of our college friends texted me and said “look, I know you’re on the other side of the world so I need to tell you something.” That’s how I learned of Kait’s passing. I immediately called my parents and asked them to book me a flight home. I had to go home, I had to go to the funeral, I had to get there for her incredible parents and little sister. Of course they said no, because I still had three months left of the semester and had to finish. My parents told me to write the Doorhy’s a letter, and so I did. That was the hardest letter I had ever written in my life – I just didn’t know what to say, and much like Kait, I usually have a lot to say and don’t have a hard time saying it! It wasn’t great closure; however, after some time I realized I didn’t need closure because we were ready to keep Kait’s spirit alive.

The very first memory I have of Kait is her messaging me asking to be her college roommate. It was the summer going into our freshman year at Sacred Heart University. I checked out her Facebook and remember thinking, this girl is really … BLONDE. We kept messaging and found out we had a lot in common. Her birthday is June 12 and mine is June 11 (two Gemini’s). I was playing lacrosse at school and she was in the band. We both had the same major and we both had dreams of going to law school. This girl loved to SHOP, (we did a lot of that freshman).

My first day on campus, Kait had already been there for two weeks because she had band practice before the semester started. She had the room all set up. She came right outside and helped me and my parents bring in all of my stuff. Move things around and make me feel settled. She was SO welcoming. She couldn’t have been nicer. We were best friends from that moment on.

When everyone went home for Labor Day and I couldn’t because I was from PA and too far, she said “you’re coming home with me.” We hadn’t been at school for that long but she took me home and made me feel like family. Kait, her parents, her sister ALL welcomed me with open arms. I couldn’t be more thankful.

The first year at Sacred Heart wasn’t easy for me. I had a really hard time transitioning when lacrosse was taking up 95% of my time and I couldn’t do “normal” college things, but Kait was truly the reason I was able to pull through. I transferred the summer going into my Sophomore year. I always wondered how life would be different now if I had stayed at SHU with Kait.

Kait’s been in my memory with me throughout the course of my life. When I got a good score on my LSAT, I looked up and thanked her. When I got into law school, I looked up and thanked her. When I graduated law school, I looked up and thanked her. When I passed the bar, I looked up and thanked her. When I got my first legal position, well, you get the gist. My point is, I know she’s been with me every step of the way. I didn’t just do it for me, I did it for both of us. She would’ve been such an amazing attorney. Her passion and her drive were second to none.

Kait lived the motto of “work hard, play harder”. She was always studying and getting A’s, she was always practicing her instruments whenever I passed by that band room, and she always had some sort of job. When it was time to let loose, that girl could party! Between the jet skis and the boats, the house parties, the shopping, the tanning, and the Veuve – she was one of the coolest people I had ever met. She knew what she was doing before any of us figured it out.

I miss her. I love her. I hope I’m making her proud.


Candance Tagliaferri, Kait’s cousin

Candance Tagliaferri, Kait’s cousin

By admin in Kaits Korner, Kaits-Korner on August 30, 2022

Kaitlyn , where to begin. My little cousin, my friend my Angel. To be honest I could sit and list endless amounts of memories from Easter Sunday photo shoots , Facebook wall videos & fun in the sun. But most recently I have had a huge life changing moment and entered a new chapter in my life I never knew my relationship with my Angel Kaitlyn would shift and be present in an incredibly new way.

On May 18th, 2021 I gave birth to Cristiano Anthony. Cristiano came 5 weeks early. On the way to the hospital we didn’t know what to expect or what was happening. I prayed on the drive, as I often do. I asked God to connect me to my angels and help guide me and keep baby boy safe. As always Kaitlyn, came through.

When Cristiano was also born he was born with a stork bite. A stork bite is discoloration of skin between the eye brows and on the back of the neck. He has both. The meaning of a stork bite is the showing that an Angel was present and has touched that baby before entering the world. To bring baby a life time of blessings. To show baby is protected by those above. For him , this was our Kaitlyn.

Cristiano also had his first visit from Kaitlyn.
Cristiano sleeps sound thru the night 12 hours. Never a break. One night he woke up at 3:30am. I heard a noise, so I looked over at the monitor and he was standing up having a full blown conversation. Laughing, cooing, Gaga-ing as baby’s do, he was 10 months at the time. 15 mins later back down and sound asleep.

I am grateful I have Kaitlyn to watch over him , to show me signs everything is going to be ok. To bring sunshine on days showing rain, to show up in my back yard on my most anxiety driven days (red cardinal) letting me know to calm my heart & soul. 🙏🏻 In those moments, I know it’s Kaitlyn bringing me peace and a sense of relief.

Kaitlyns spirit is very much so alive and present & I will continue to LOVE how she shines through to me and through Cristiano.


My Reflections On the Short-lived Life of Kaitlyn Doorhy

My Reflections On the Short-lived Life of Kaitlyn Doorhy

By admin in Kaits Korner, Kaits-Korner on April 27, 2022

Kaitlyn was the most beautiful baby!!

She looked like an angel in her Christening outfit with her beautiful face and rosy cheeks! I remember vividly her first birthday party at Darla and Joe’s home in Mattituck on the water.  Kaitlyn was dressed impeccably in her Polly Flinders dress and beautiful bonnet.  Her birthday cake was placed on her highchair and Kaitlyn immediately put her face in the cake!! !  Kaitlyn made everyone laugh!  This was only the beginning of the many joy-filled days in Kaitlyn’s life.

Her sense of style was evident on the very same day!

I had a white Chanel bag on a blanket and when Darla sat her down on the blanket, she made a fast crawl to the bag.  We all laughed!  Who knew later that she would have Michael Kors and Prada as her signature!!  Kaitlyn had a wonderful sense of fashion!!

Kaitlyn also had a sense of gratitude for the people in her life.
At her First Communion, Confirmation, and Sweet Sixteen party, she had a candlelight ceremony honoring those who had an influence in her life.  It was a  moving experience for all.

It was fun watching Kaitlyn marching in the band at college and coming to all her parties in Mattituck!

I loved having Kaitlyn at our home!  She seemed to adapt very well to everything that was happening, like hunting for Easter eggs, playing chess with her cousin, singing with the Karaoke machine, or just playing the songs on our jukebox.

When visiting Joe and Darla it was fun going to the restaurant where  Kaitlyn worked.  Kaitlyn amazed me with how she could juggle her school schedule, volunteerism, sorority, and sometimes working two jobs!!

With a grateful heart, I am thankful to Darla and Joe for inviting me to be a part of Kaitlyn’s life.
Great Aunt Gabrielle

A flock of angels came together to help a family.

A flock of angels came together to help a family.

By admin in Community on April 4, 2022

RIVERHEAD, NY — A flock of angels came together Thursday for a night of fun to help a family after their greatest tragedy.

Kait’s Angels, an organization created to honor the memory of Mattituck’s Kaitlyn Doorhy, who died when she was only 20 while away at college, gives back to those in need in the community through a series of events and other caring initiatives.

To kick off a new year of giving back, Kait’s Angels hosted a Bowl-O-Rama on Thursday at the All Star in Riverhead.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Suzanne and Judd Lincoln of Mattituck, who lost their baby Claire recently, “as they keep their daughter’s memory alive with the love and support of our wonderful community,” Darla Doorhy, Kait’s mother, said,

“Please pray for this family,” she said.

After the event, Doorhy added that the event was held in memory of Judd, Suzanne and Charlie Lincoln’s daughter and sister, baby Claire Anne Lincoln, who is an angel in heaven at the age of 14 months old.

“I speak to our angel daughter Kaitlyn Doorhy in heaven every day,” she said. “This past week, she had to take care of her first pet who passed, Ginger, Louise Warkentien, a family Kaitlyn loved, and now she will be comforting her first toddler, baby Claire. Our daughter Kaitlyn watches all of us as we look up to her.”

The Lincolns attended the event, and were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love. “Darla was so nice and made us feel welcomed,” Suzanne said. “My husband and I thought the event went really well. We are very touched by everything they are doing for us.”

On Friday, Doorhy thanked all who worked tirelessly to make the event a success. “What an amazing night by all,” she said.

She added that she wanted to thank those who sponsored a bowling lane, including:

Joseph M. Duva, M.D./Riverhead

Haircutters of Love Lane/Mattituck, owner, Sandra Lazar

TRI-R Landscape/East Hampton, manager, Stacey Hillerud

North Fork Auto Body/Aquebogue, manager, Ray Smilovich

Harbor Pet/Greenport, owner, Kimberly Loper

Cohen’s Fashion Optical/Riverhead, owner, Charlotte Smilovich

Cutting Edge Landscaping/Cutchogue, owner, Ed J. Danowski

Legends Restaurant/New Suffolk, owners, Dennis and Diane Harkoff

Body & Sol Tanning/Aquebogue, owner, Gina Galante

Alex Boukas,D.D.S./Mattituk

Excelsior Plumbing & Heating/East End Gas Services/Speonk, owner, Donald Branker

East End Wedding Planning & Coordination/Mattituck, owner, Melanie McEvoy-Zuhoski

Love Lane Sweet Shoppe/Mattituck, owner, Jackie Wilsberg

Plant Care Solutions/Patchogue, owner, Frank Saladino

The Cutchogue Diner, owner, John Touhey

Long Island Spirits/Baiting Hollow, owner, Richard Stabile
Mattituck Laundry, owner, Ben Suglia

Doorhy also thanked the “angels who made this incredible event another huge success,” including Dorian Warkentien, event chair, William Araneo, Kait’s Angel president, Lynn Krauza, Kait’s Angels secretary, Molly Waitz and Dan Russo, of the Kait’s Angels board of directors, Lisa Douglas, Debbie Horton, Marissa Russo, Brittany Longley, Cheryl Lynch, and Melissa Ludlow and her own husband and “righthand man, Joe Doorhy. ”

She also thanked Justin from 101.7 The Beach “who blew out the night as our awesome DJ,” as well as The All Star staff and Gail Pase, who created a DVD for the event.